Getting kids to eat vegetables? Difficult. Getting them to like them? Nothing short of a miracle. Or maybe it's just science. Vegy Vida is a remarkable new company that found a way to make veggies taste good to kids, using all-natural ingredients that actually taste good, too. I helped introduce Vegy Vida to consumers with a new website, branding, and more.

It's not that kids don't want to like vegetables; it's just that they have three times the taste buds of adults. To these super tasters, vegetables taste bitter or just plain weird. We created Vegy Vida with a secret blend of all-natural yumminess to keep kids' taste buds from freaking out. It makes veggies taste super to super tasters.

Brand story and voice were all part of the package.

I carried out the brand voice on everything from coupon inserts to flavor descriptions. And in the case of Cool Buffalo, even naming.